Monday, September 7, 2009

Cheating Part 2 - How far will they go?

While the type of cheating that I personally saw is relatively common, I also (indirectly experienced) a more severe form of cheating.

During my junior year at college, a major cheating scandal happened at the town's high school (full story: Several students broke into the school to steal math and chemistry exams, and several students serving as lookouts for the crime, which they then distributed to up to 60 students. The police enventually decided to charge them criminally for misdemeanor, although they could have charged them for committing a felony. I haven't been able to find out what happened

There were people saying that these kids made a mistake, and others saying that cheating (especially in the manner they did) should be severely punished.

I'm of the latter camp, as I believe that no 17 year-old can believe that it is legal to break into a school, and then steal exams. Doing something that is obviously both illegal and wrong should be punished, especially as a deterrent to future crime. Quite honestly, the police could have charged them more seriously, but they chose not to - that's leniency.

If they can't get into a great college or get that into that top medical school anymore, they made that decision consciously in knowing that they were committing a crime.

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